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It’s Time To Un-Bro Your SEO
SEO Isn’t As Confusing As Some “Pros” Make It Seem

In fact, while there’s a whole industry out there hell-bent on making it sound overwhelmingly complicated, there’s really just one set of key items you really need to focus on when it comes to your SEO. 

SEO is all about how your customers find and interact with your site. 

And there are some vital ways to make sure your website can do just that.

“But My Website Already Looks Amazing!”

Even if you have a visually stunning site and kickass branding, if your site SEO isn’t pulling its weight you could be missing out on customers, profit, and growth.

If you want to show up in Google searches, get more web traffic, and find more of those “right fit” customers, you need to check on your SEO and make the right changes right away.

Because when your website SEO isn’t on point, those perfect fit, true blue customers you want to attract? 

They can’t find you.

Great SEO Copywriting can help prevent that “lost in the search engine” experience.

(And you can learn more about our Done-For-You SEO Copywriting services at the bottom of this page.)

But if you don’t address your site’s overall SEO health, you’re skipping an essential part of your marketing strategy.  

So, How Do You Know What Changes To Make To Your Website SEO?

It all starts with understanding what’s really going on.

And that starts with an SEO Website Audit.

What Is An SEO Website Audit?

It’s a review of your website’s copy, backend SEO, frontend SEO, and other key factors related to how your site shows up online.

Simply put: It’s a check-up for your website and a prescription to treat what’s not working so you can improve how you show up in search engine results and reach more of the right people.

What Happens After An SEO Audit?

When you implement the changes suggested in your audit, you’ll:

  • Grow your brand’s online credibility
  • Attract more of those “perfect fit” site visitors
  • Enhance your marketing efforts with increased visibility
  • Improve how you show up in Google search results

Sound Stellar?

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How It Works

What’s Included In Your Website SEO Audit?

All Website SEO Audits are $400 and include:

  • The Pre-Audit Questionnaire: Exploring your goals and how your site currently fits into your overall marketing strategy
  • Your Personalized SEO Audit Summary: Including recommendations for addressing the key issues from the Website SEO Audit
    The SEO Audit Summary also includes: Analysis and recommendations for key items like the copy, calls to action, backlinking, keywords, meta description, alt tag, heading, and URL formatting)
  • A  1:1 call with a member of our team to discuss the results of your audit and get your questions answered. 

Added Bonus:

  • An SEO Basics Resource List: Featuring SEO basic terms explained in a helpful (never overwhelming) PDF resource guide for you and your team

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