Introducing: The Stay Stellar SEO VIP Day 

SEO Made Simple, Streamlined, and Sustainable

The SEO VIP Day is designed for photographers and service providers who want to be consistently visible online and in search results!

During this VIP experience, we’ll work one-on -one to:

-Set up your SEO foundation

-Streamline your content creation strategy to include SEO,

-Develop a game plan to consistently magnetize more perfect-fit clients to your business. 

And we’ll do it ALL in just one day. 

Picture the scene on the morning after your VIP Day…

  • You’re on a roll as you fill your content calendar with stellar topics because you know what your clients are searching for and how you can show up more often when they do
  • You write your next blog with ease because you’ve got the research and the strategy to make that post (and everything else you write) magnetic to Google and your clients
  • You make changes to your website with confidence because you know what you need to change and how to do it so you can grow and sustain your online presence 
  • You’ve got more money and time because you don’t have to hire an expensive agency, buy “all the courses”, or spend all your free time falling down a Youtube rabbit hole to do it
  • Your next set of potential clients tell you they love your content and they found you online

But right now these four things are stopping you from being consistently visible to those perfect-fit clients you wish would book…

  • You’re writing a ton of content on topics you hope will resonate (Or you’re staring at a blank screen wondering what to write about in the first place)
  • You’re watching tons of videos and downloading all the freebies to learn about SEO (Or you’ve given up because it feels way too complicated or time-consuming)
  • You’re not showing up in the searches your dream future clients are making (Or you show up in a few searches but nothing’s feeling consistent)
  • You’re updating your site but people still aren’t seeing your stellar work (Or you’re ignoring that whole website thing altogether with fingers crossed the right people find it…)

If you’re wondering if you can really use SEO to get in front of more ideal clients over time, just imagine what it would feel like to get that set up in just one day…

Introducing The SEO VIP Day

A virtual VIP Day that helps photographers and service providers streamline their content creation strategy and magnetize more perfect-fit clients in just one day (6 hours).

Need to split up your sessions to better suit your schedule? We can make that happen as well!

This VIP Day will give your business a solid SEO foundation in a single day. That means every piece of content you create (from website pages to blogs to social media posts and beyond) is focused on growing your online visibility and magnetizing more right-fit clients to you. 

And because SEO is a long-term strategic process that you can set up and infuse into all your marketing efforts, you skip the time-suck that is the content-creation hamster wheel and spend less money on ads over the life of your business. 


Does Your Work Day Mean You’ll Need To Split The Day Into 2 Shorter Sessions?

No Worries!

We Can Make That Happen!



When You Book Your SEO VIP Day You Walk Away With…

Your Custom SEO Visibility Scorecard

 We’ll take a deep dive into what your SEO situation currently looks like and use that 50+ point scorecard to chart a path to greater visibility and more bookings over time.

A Personalized Keyword Database 

I won’t just tell you how to do keyword research, I’ll deliver extensive keyword lists with Google and competitor research behind them. You can confidently use these lists to create all the content you need because you’ll be giving your clients and the search engines what they’re craving.

Custom-Written Website Assets 

This is a set essential of backend assets to get your website SEO moving in the right direction ASAP. Plus, when we connect, you’ll learn how to use your keyword list to write these pieces for any additional blogs or website pages you might add to the site.

SEO-Fueled Sample Shells 

You’ll get sample templates for blogs, website pages, social posts, and podcast show notes. Plus I’ll give you formatting guidelines and formulas that can help you infuse everything you write with some serious SEO juice.

Sample Content Calendar Shell With Built-In SEO Guidance

 I’ll deliver a streamlined, easy-to-use content calendar shell based on your key marketing platforms.
Bonus: I’ll use SEO research to create a list of 12 potential monthly themes to beat the blank screen blues the next time you create content.

Your Personalized Stellar SEO Game Plan For Consistent Visibility

 We’ll use your goals and your SEO Scorecard results to craft a plan that prioritizes what areas of your SEO can have the greatest impact right now. Plus, I’ll give you the resources you need to make it happen ASAP.

Your Customized Comprehensive Metrics Tracker 

You’ll never wonder if your SEO or content strategy is working because you’ll have a metrics tracker that helps you review the most important performance indicators for your particular goals and business.

Your VIP Day Call Recording and VIP Workbook 

You’ll get a recording of the call so you can refer back to it whenever you need to and your personalized VIP Workbook will hold all your key assets (from your SEO Scorecard and keyword database to your content templates and checklists to your Game Plan and metrics tracker) all in one spot.


And These Stellar VIP Bonuses…

Repurpose With Confidence Quick Guide

Make the most of every piece of content with a quick-start guide to repurposing without getting dinged on Google for duplicate content.

The Stellar Social Proof Step-By-Step  

This sample process for how to collect and use SEO-fueled reviews, testimonials, case studies, and more will help you show your expertise and abilities across every platform you create content for.

Getting Started With Your Google My Business Page 

Whether you have one or need to get one started right away, this “How To” will give you what you need to create and get the most out of your Google Business Page

The Write Now Tip Sheet 

This simple sheet will help you rock your SEO every time you write.

One Week of Post-VIP Day Email Support 

We’ll get those q’s a’d as you implement your big priorities. 

-Cara Kovats

Be Well Acupuncture

How Do We Get It All Done In A Day? 

We Follow This Stellar Process…


We’ll make sure you’ve got your need-to-know  SEO basics down pat. We’ll use the SEO Visibility Scorecard to see where your SEO is right now and what needs to get fixed to help you use the magnetic, money-saving visibility-enhancing power of organic search.


Plus, we’ll make SEO purposeful and practical by connecting it to the path you’ll take to reach your goals. 



We’ll take a look at your current content marketing and visibility plan (or help you craft one). Then we’ll infuse that plan with SEO. 

And we’ll do it all without adding a ton of work to your plate.


This means you can show up more often online over time, amplify your message, and magnetize more right-fit clients to your content and website


Clarity without action isn’t going to get you what you want. So, in the final step of our process, we’ll finalize a step-by-step game plan to start using SEO in marketing right away and we’ll explore how to use certain metrics, specific to your goals and business, to track your progress as you move forward.


That way you’ll know what to do and how to tell if it’s working. 


Using This Stay Stellar SEO Process you’ll…

  • Stop spinning on the content creation hamster wheel and start making progress toward your big goals
  • Skip the info-overload and use the need-to-know SEO strategies that will make the most impact in your specific business 
  • Take data-driven action to create marketing pieces that consistently magnetize more right-fit clients to you for the life of your business
  • Have an online presence that helps you stand out in your industry and connect with the right clients, colleagues, and opportunities


To find out if the SEO VIP Day is the right fit for you, complete the SEO VIP Day Application below. 


So, who’s the brains behind The SEO VIP Day?

I’m Nicole Salvatore, a copywriter who’s obsessed with un-complicating SEO so you can harness its power in your business.


I use my master’s in psychology and my copywriting training and experience to conduct psychometric and behavior-motivating SEO research, craft content and copy that connect. 


And I help you create a simple, impact-creating marketing strategy that leads to the sustained growth and consistent visibility you need to attract the clients you love. 


As an entrepreneur myself, I know what it’s like to wonder if you’re doing all you can to get visible online and what it feels like to create content on what feels like a never-ending quest to reach my favorite people. 


I also know that time is your greatest asset.


 And while you love your business, you don’t want to spend every waking moment tweaking your website or crafting your next blog. You want your time, peace of mind, a thriving business.


That’s why everything I offer in my VIP Days is essential, purposeful, and designed to help you and your business stay stellar.

-Michelle Akin
Master Certified Coach

Still Scrolling? Don’t Miss These FAQs

I’m not a photographer. Should I still book a VIP Day?

Absolutely. While visual service providers like photographers often have portfolios, images, and video assets that need some serious SEO juice, every business can benefit from a solid, streamlined SEO foundation and an aligned content plan. 

And because I have experience working with businesses of all kinds, I’ve always got your back.

Can you really do this in one day?

Hell Yeah. We can get this done in 6 hours, less than one workday. And that’s because I’ve been doing this for my clients since I started my business. 


Real talk: I didn’t always package it into a single day. But I’ve always used SEO to create content and I’ve always offered guidance and research-backed data-driven content ideas. 


My strength lies in understanding how people think and behave so that my clients deliver the content and show up in the searches that their true blue, perfect fit clients are typing into Google every day. 

What can I expect after completing the VIP Day Application?

After you complete the application you’ll get an email letting you know if we might be a good fit.


If you are, you’ll receive a link to book a consultation call with me where I can give you all the can’t-miss details about the day.


Once you say, “Hell Yes!”, you’ll complete your contract, pay for your VIP Day, and choose the date for your VIP experience. 

Do you offer payment plans? Can I reschedule my day once I book?

Yes and Yes. 


You can pay in full for your VIP Day or choose a 50/50 plan where you pay for the first half when you complete your contract and the second payment at least 5 business days before your scheduled VIP Day.

(Note: If you don’t make that second payment in time, we’ll be forced to reschedule.)


VIP Days can be rescheduled once with 5 business days’ notice. After that, you’ll need to pay again and rebook.

Can you guarantee I’ll get to the first page of Google?

The short answer is no. 


And honestly, I’d be wary of anyone who makes that kind of promise.


The real answer: It’s about more than being first on Google.

Because you can end up working with an agency or going it alone and you can end up on the first page of Google… for, well, something.

But what we do on your VIP Day is different. 


We take data-driven, research-backed, Google-friendly action to make you more visible online over time.  


And we target the searches that will make an impact on your business.


Rising through the Google search results rankings requires consistent copy and content creation, a solid back-end SEO plan, and a strategic pathway driving potential clients to key parts of your business.


We tackle all of those things on the call. 


And SEO growth also takes time.

So, depending on your goals, industry, niche, and ideal clients that timeframe can look different for different people. 


So, no I can’t make that guarantee. 


But I can tell you that setting a solid SEO foundation is the surest way to make sure everything you write in your business is helping you increase your chances of getting in front of the people you’re most stoked to work with.


And, now is the only time to start if you want that to happen any time soon.

I have someone on my team who’s going to handle this. Can they join us?


Once you book your VIP Day, you can let me know that you’d like an additional person to join us for the call. 


I’ll add the additional team member fee ($300/person) to your contract and once it’s paid, we’ll go from there. 


You can have up to 2 additional team members (aside from yourself) join you for your VIP Day.


Note: The person who books the call will remain the point of contact for the day and will receive all the assets and deliverables to share with the other team members.


Can’t I just hire ___ to do this cheaper?

The courses or SEO program options may give you lessons. And that can feel like a solution when you’re overwhelmed. 


But they don’t give you the same level of insight specific to your business. 


So, they might show you how to do SEO research but they won’t show you how to do it for your business so you can start right away with confidence. 


They might give you directions on how to use certain assets but they won’t give you formulas and customized assets to use right away either. 


Plus, to get what we cover in all three parts of the framework you’d end up working with a whole host of professionals from content marketers to copywriters to SEO agencies. 


But during your VIP Day, you get to cover all three areas with one person and you skip the back-and-forth of a multi-month course or agency project timeline. Which is definitely a sanity-saver.


It may save money now but your time is your business’ most valuable asset and the VIP Day helps you protect it.


Let’s save you time and get it done in one day.

I only need this one part of your process. Can I schedule a shorter day to get just that?

SEO is a long game. 

So, if you just focus on fixing the things from the Scorecard or just use the SEO keywords or just pick out some key metrics isn’t worth your time, effort, or energy.


If you do one piece without simplifying and understanding, streamlining and planning, and then measuring and taking action you’re going to take much longer to get the results you’re looking for… if you ever get them at all. 


And if you take action without all 3 of those pieces of the framework you’ll still feel frustrated, spin your wheels, and spend time and money you wouldn’t have to get there… Not stellar.


So let’s go through the three-step framework, from Simplify to Streamline to Sustain, and make sure you’re doing all you can to connect with and get bookings from your true blue perfect-fit clients.

So if SEO is a long game, why shouldn’t I just wait to get traffic naturally?

Yes, SEO is a long game. But driving consistent, organic traffic requires a strategy. 


And that strategy takes so much longer, feels so much more daunting, and can be so much more confusing and expensive if you go it alone.


This is my jawn. And I will be there with you to make sure you get the most out of your day so more people get to see how stellar your work is and decide to work with you because of it.


I have another question, what should. I do? 

You can reach out to me at [email protected] and use the subject like “SEO VIP Day Question”

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 


Note: If your question isn’t something that’s going to prevent you from booking your VIP Day, I’d encourage you to complete the application now because VIP Days are limited and offered on a first-come-first-scheduled basis.


And if you’re “in” let’s skip the waiting game and find out if we’re a good fit today.

Apply For The VIP Day Here

See You On Your VIP Day!