Stop Being The Best Kept Secret: Show Up Online

The Search Results Supercharger VIP Day is designed for photographers And Creative service providers who want to be consistently visible Online And in search results!

Got a gorgeous website That’s not getting the attention it deserves?

this is the day where we change that FOr Good.

What’s really preventing you from getting more bookings on your calendar?

Are you spending too much time on the content creation hamster wheel?

Wondering if your website is Really Doing Its Part TO get you In More Google Search Results?

Tired of the “post and pray” approach to planning your marketing? 

If those things sound familiar, one (or all) of these things are probably keeping you from being consistently visible to the perfect-fit clients you wish would book with you…


You’re writing a ton of content on topics you hope will resonate

You’ve fallen down a Youtube rabbit hole trying to learn SEO but it feels complicated and you feel frustrated


You’re updating your site and crossing your fingers that people can find it more often

You’re not sure your current marketing plan is even working as well as it could

You don’t know if you’re even showing up in searches your dream clients are making

You’re staring at a blank screen wondering what to write for your next blog or social post

But What If THis Was THe Story Instead….


You save time and money by skipping agency retainers and the back-and-forth that comes with them.

You write content on topics your clients are actually searching for and you show up more often when they do!


You make changes to your website with confidence, knowing what you to change and how it will impact your online visibility.

Your new clients tell you they found you online!

imagine what it would feel like to Transform the way you showing up online in

just one day.

Introducing The VIP Day!

A virtual VIP Day that helps photographers and creative service providers create a streamlined marketing plan that grows and sustains your online visibility.

The VIP Day Gives You

  • Greater control over where and how you show up in online searches

  • The steps you need to take to  grow your online presence and your position as an industry expert

  • The tools to measure how your current marketing strategy is working and make decisions according to data, not guesswork

  • Time-saving ways to create content where every SEO-juice-fueled piece you write works harder for you than ever before 

  • The SEO Marketing Plan You Need to magnetize more right-fit clients to your site and your content

Plus, because it’s a sustainable way to grow your business, you’ll set it up now and use it every time you write content. 

So, say goodbye to the time-suck that is the content-creation hamster wheel!

When You Book Your VIP Day

You’ll Walk Away With…

Your Custom Visibility Scorecard (To Show You What To Fix and How)

 This is a deep dive into your current situation (from your content to the backend assets Google loves). 

We use it to decide how you can show up more often in search results to get more perfect-fit client bookings!

A Personalized Keyword Database (To Help You Write Content That Works Harder For You)

These extensive keyword lists are tailored to your goals and powered by Google and competitor research. 

You’ll use them to create content that your clients (and the search engines) will love.

Custom-Written Website Assets (To Start Growing Your Visibility Right Away)

These essential backend assets are customized for 3 of your core website pages. 

They’re your first “quick win” and an easy way to get your website SEO moving in the right direction ASAP.

(Plus, you can use them as a template when you add any additional blogs or website pages.)

Your Personalized Game Plan (For Consistent Visibility)

This is the “what, how, and when” that aligns your business goals, your SEO strategy, and your marketing into a sustainable plan that saves you time and money.

Your Customized Metrics Tracker (To Measure Searchability Growth and Make Next-Level Marketing Decisions)

You’ll never wonder if your discoverability or content strategy is working because you’ll be tracking the measurable outcomes (from clicks to conversions) that matter most to your goals. 

And These Stellar VIP Bonuses!

The VIP Day Call Recording and Workbook (Everything From Your VIP Day In One Place)

Your workbook and call recording will hold your key assets (from your SEO Scorecard and keyword database to your Game Plan and metrics tracker) all in one spot.

The Repurpose With Confidence Process (To Save You Even More Time on Content Creation)

Make the most of every piece of content with a quick-start guide to repurposing without getting dinged on Google for duplicate content.

The Stellar Social Proof Step-By-Step (So Even Your Testimonials Are Visibility-Fueled)

This “how-to”  helps you collect and use data-fueled reviews and testimonials so you can share your expertise from your website to social media (and show up more often in search results because of it!).


One Week of Post-VIP Day Email Support (To Help Kickstart Your Visibility Efforts)

We’ll get those big q’s a’d as you start to implement your big priorities. 

Check Out How Search visibility Is Helping My Clients!

How Do We Get It All Done In A Day?
We Use This Stellar Framework



We’ll use the Visibility Scorecard to see what needs to be fixed so you make the most of the magnetic, money-saving visibility-enhancing power of organic search results (SEO).

Plus, we’ll connect your searchability to your goals so you know what needs to happen to reach them.


Then we’ll shift our focus to your keywords, custom assets, social proof, and repurposing plan. And I’ll show you how to use them to save time and supercharge your marketing plan’s impact.

This means you can show up more often online over time and magnetize more right-fit clients to you without that ugh-worthy content creation hamster wheel.


Clarity without action isn’t going to get you what you want.

 So, we’ll create a step-by-step game plan to start using SEO in your marketing right away. 

And we’ll handpick the metrics you’ll  measure based on your specific goals so what to do when and if it’s really working.

Want To Visualize Your VIP Day?

Here’s A Loose Schedule Of How The Session Flows.

And don’t worry “stretch breaks”, questions, and collaborative conversations are part of the process too!

(We’re just keeping this schedule simple for now.)

10:00 AM Welcome + Goal Exploration!

We’ll hop onto a Zoom call at 10 AM to kick things off! 

And what better place to start than to share your goals, dreams, and visions!?

We’ll go over your current marketing process a bit and explore the goals you have for your online presence and visibility moving forward.


10:30 AM (ish) Simplifying SEO With Your Scorecard Review 

We’ll dive into your Visibility Scorecard to see what’s working and not working when it comes to your website and search engine visibility.

And I’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions for making changes.

That way, when we go over your Game plan at the end of our session, you can take action with confidence.

11:30 AM Streamlining With Your Custom Assets and Key Marketing Processes

 Now it’s time to seamlessly weave SEO into your current marketing process. 

I’ll deliver your custom assets, the social proof collection process that integrates SEO, the repurposing process that keeps you off the content-creation hamster wheel, and your keyword database so everything you write is SEO-fueled. 

Then we’ll get creative as we brainstorm and identify the best ways to use these items to supercharge everything you write for the life of your business!


12:30 PM Sustaining Visibility With Your Metrics Tracker and Gameplan

 The final step in our work together is to choose the metrics that matter most to your goals. From there we’ll review your key takeaways, answer any questions, and go over your Game Plan so you leave your VIP Day ready to take action with confidence and clarity.


1 PM-1:30 PM Wrapping Up Your VIP Day 

We’ve covered a lot of ground today. And, depending on how often we took a few minutes for stretch breaks during our VIP experience, we’ll wrap up our day between 1 and 1:30.


The Post-VIP Day Experience

After our time together, I’ll send you an email after your VIP Day (Within 1 Business day) containing all of your assets, including a recording of your VIP Day call. 

And I don’t want you to feel alone as you add SEO to your marketing plan. So, I’ll be available Monday through Thursday via email for the next week in case you have any questions as you take action on your Game plan.

(Plus, my VIPs get a sweet little thank you gift after our time together!)


So Now you’ve got an idea of the schedule.

but what about The Results?

Booking Your VIP Day Means You’ll…

  • Stop spinning on the content creation hamster wheel and start making progress toward your big goals

  • Skip the info-overload and just use the search-results-focused strategies that will make the most impact on your business

  • Take data-driven action to create marketing pieces that connect and show up in online searches

  • Have an online presence that helps you stand out and connect with the right clients, colleagues, and opportunities

So, Who Will You Spend Your VIP Day With?

I’m Nicole, a copywriter who’s obsessed with uncomplicating SEO so you can prevent burnout and get booked more often.

I use my master’s in psychology and my SEO copywriting experience to do psychometric SEO research. Then, I help you create an impactful strategy to attract clients you love.

I know what it’s like to wonder if you’re doing all you can to show up online. And I know that, while you love your business, you don’t want to spend every waking moment on your website or your content.

That’s why everything I offer on my VIP Days is designed to help you establish your online presence and grow without marketing overload. That's how I help you stay Stellar

Ready To Get Started?

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And if you’re “in” let’s find out if we’re a good fit with the application below!

I'm not a photographer. Should I still book a VIP Day?

Absolutely. While visual service providers like photographers often have portfolios, images, and video assets that need some serious SEO juice, every business can benefit from a solid, streamlined SEO foundation and an aligned content plan.

And because I have experience working with businesses of all kinds, I've always got your back.

Can you really do this in one day?

Hell Yeah!

 We can get your strategy done in 4 hours, less than one workday.

After that you'll be able to take action on the plan to increase your SEO right away!

And that’s because I’ve been doing this for my clients since I started my business. 

Real talk:
While I didn’t always package it into a single day, I’ve always used SEO to create content and I’ve always offered guidance and research-backed data-driven SEO plans for clients.

One of my greatest strengths lies in understanding how people think and behave so that my clients deliver the content and show up in the searches that their true blue, perfect fit clients are typing into Google every day.

What can I expect after completing the VIP Day Application?

After you complete the application you’ll get an email letting you know if we might be a good fit.

If you are, you’ll receive a link to book a consultation call with me where I can give you all the can’t-miss details about the day.

Once you say, “Hell Yes!”, you’ll complete your contract, pay for your VIP Day, and choose the date for your VIP experience.

Do you offer payment plans? Can I reschedule my day once I book?

Yes and Yes.  

You can pay in full for your VIP Day or choose a 50/50 plan where you pay for the first half when you complete your contract and the second payment at least 5 business days before your scheduled VIP Day.

(Note: If you don’t make that second payment in time, we’ll be forced to reschedule.)

VIP Days can be rescheduled once with 5 business days’ notice. After that, you’ll need to pay again and rebook.

Can you guarantee I’ll get to the first page of Google in (Insert # here) weeks?

The short answer is no. 

And honestly, I’d be wary of anyone who makes that kind of promise. 

The real answer: It’s about way more than being first on Google.

Because when you end up working with an agency or going it alone, you can end up on the first page of Google… for, well, something.

But what we do on your VIP Day is different. 

We take data-driven, research-backed, Google-friendly action to make you more visible online over time.   

And we target the searches that will make an impact on your business.

 Rising through the Google search results rankings requires focused copy and content creation, a solid back-end SEO plan, and a strategic pathway driving potential clients to key parts of your business.

We tackle all of those things on the call. 

And SEO growth also takes time.

So, depending on your goals, industry, niche, and ideal clients that timeframe can look different for different people. 

So, no I can’t make that guarantee.

But I can tell you that setting a solid SEO foundation is the surest way to make sure everything you write in your business is helping you increase your chances of getting in front of the people you’re most stoked to work with. 

And, now is the only time to start if you want that to happen any time soon.

I have someone on my team who’s going to handle this. Can they join us?


Once you book your VIP Day, you can let me know that you’d like an additional person to join us for the call. 


I’ll add the additional team member fee ($300/person) to your contract and once it’s paid, we’ll go from there. 


You can have up to 2 additional team members (aside from yourself) join you for your VIP Day.


Note: The person who books the call will remain the point of contact for the day and will receive all the assets and deliverables to share with the other team members.


Can’t I just hire ___ to do this cheaper?

When you’re looking for SEO support you’ve got a few options

SEO Specialists and Agencies

Hiring an SEO Firm is often a monthly expense that can start in the mid-$3k-$5k range and go up to $10k-$20k-30k per month depending on the needs of your business. 

They’re a great option if you understand SEO and metrics (which you will after your VIP Day) so you don’t pay for things you don’t need (or things your assistant or team members could do quickly and easily each month).

Agencies aren’t a great move if you’re looking to get started and need to do so quickly, efficiently, and without a four or five-figure monthly retainer.

Plus, to get what we cover in all three parts of the SEO VIP Day you’d end up working with a whole host of professionals from content marketers to copywriters to SEO agencies. 

Courses and Programs
Courses or SEO program options may give you lessons. And that can feel like a solution when you’re overwhelmed. 

But they don’t give you the same level of insight specific to your business. 

So, they might show you how to do SEO research but they won’t show you how to do it for your business so you can start right away with confidence. 

They might give you directions on how to use certain assets but they won’t give you formulas and customized assets to use right away either.  


During your VIP Day, you get to cover all three areas of SEO marketing with one person and you skip the back-and-forth of a multi-month course or agency project timeline. Which is definitely a sanity-saver.

Your time is your business’ most valuable asset and the VIP Day helps you protect it.

Let’s save you time and get it done in one day.

I only need this one part of your process. Can I schedule a shorter day to get just that?

SEO is a long game. 

So, if you just focus on fixing the things from the Scorecard or just use the SEO keywords, well, that isn’t worth your time, effort, or energy.

If you just do one piece without 

-Simplifying and understanding, 

-Streamlining and planning, 

-Measuring and taking action 

You’re going to take much longer to get the results you're looking for... if you ever get them at all. 


And if you take action without all 3 of those pieces of the framework you’ll still feel frustrated, spin your wheels, and spend time and money you wouldn't have to get there… Not stellar.


So let’s go through the three-step framework, from Simplify to Streamline to Sustain, and make sure you’re doing all you can to connect with and get bookings from your true blue perfect-fit clients.

So if SEO is a long game, why shouldn’t I just wait to get traffic naturally?

Yes, SEO is a long game.

But driving consistent, organic traffic requires a strategy. 

And that strategy takes so much longer, feels so much more daunting, and can be so much more confusing and expensive if you go it alone.

 This is my jawn. And I will be there with you to make sure you get the most out of your day so more people get to see how stellar your work is and decide to work with you because of it.

I have another question, what should. I do?

You can reach out to me at [email protected] and use the subject like “SEO VIP Day Question”

I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 


Note: If your question isn’t something that’s going to prevent you from booking your VIP Day, I’d encourage you to complete the application now because VIP Days are limited and offered on a first-come-first-scheduled basis.

To find out if the VIP Day is the right fit for you, complete the Application below.

See You Soon!