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Copy, Content, and SEO Strategy For Photographers and Creative Solopreneurs

 Looking for SEO and content strategy insight to grow your business?
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Rock your key copy assets, step up your SEO, and reach more of your “true blue” ideal clients without the wasted time or overwhelm you’re used to.

Living life your way while your content and copy grow your business?

That’s how you’ll stay stellar.

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How Can We Help?

We've designed services to help you stay stellar:

  • Define your brand message and the most effective copy strategies and content assets to help you share it with customers
  • Align your website's SEO with your business goals to show up in the right search engine more often
  • Shine with SEO-infused, connection-focused copy assets that make your message a magnet for ideal clients.

Stay Stellar SEO VIP Days

Skip the 6-month self-paced courses, ditch the expensive SEO agency monthly maintenance fees, and get what you need to set and maintain your SEO and content strategy in just one day.

Learn why your website isn't drawing the traffic it could be, how to magnetize the content you write so Google and potential clients find it, and understand how to measure success and maintain your visilbity for the long haul.

If you have a stunning portfolio, great offers, or a service that's stellar, this is the simplest, fastest way to ensure those things get seen by more perfect-fit clients over time.

SEO VIP Days give you:

  • A solid SEO foundation that can help you confidently create marketing content, fueled by your unique brand of SEO juice so the right people can't get enough
  • A set of customized SEO assets you can use whenever you write, including keywords curated to connect with Google and the right clients over time
  • A collection of essential resources, tools, formulas, and templates to help you beat the blank-screen blues whenever you create content for your business
  • An SEO Visibility Scorecard showing your current SEO situation and giving you the steps you need  to get even more SEO juice flowing and drive traffic to your website
  • A personalized game plan that tells you what to do when so you can use your customized SEO assets to reach your goals.

Learn more here.

Or if you’re already in you can:

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Stay Stellar Copy Days

Don't have 6-12 weeks to get your website's core pages written and finalized? Need a sales page, like, yesterday?

Copy Days are the answer. 

With Copy Days you’ll get the same high-quality, SEO-fueled copy assets you expect from Stay Stellar without the typical back and forth of a longer project process.

Book yours here.

**There are only about 4 Copy Days available each month because these are elevated, personalized, and transformational experiences.

So, if your project's rolling along now, be sure to book ASAP.** 


Stay Stellar Individual ProjectsCopy Days

From Website Copy And Social Posts To Blogs and Podcast Show Notes

Typical Timelines Vary By Project

Your SEO-powered copy will magnetize customers, support your marketing strategy and save you time while helping you grow your bottom line over time.

Project minimums typically begin at $2,000 and you can reach that total by combining a set of website pages, blogs, show notes, blogs, or social posts.

So, let me know what you’re looking for and if we’re a good fit, we’ll get it started!

Want to connect?

Email: [email protected]

The Stay Stellar SEO Course

A comprehensive SEO research process coupled with the writing process you need to show up in the right Google searches.
This is the "un-bro'd" approach to SEO you need to grow your business or write copy for you clients that helps grow theirs.

The Stay Stellar Copywriting Mastermind 

Forming For Fall 2022!
Contact me to learn more.

Who We Are

 The Stay Stellar team is dedicated to helping you become a magnet for your ideal clients. We’re here to support you as you develop copy and SEO strategies that connect, convert, scale, and save you time in the process.  

We value transparency, collaboration, and purposeful business creation. So we’re dedicated to making sure your work life involves less wasted time, less overwhelm, and more connection.

“Stay stellar” isn’t just something we hope you do, it’s what we deliver: A chance to feel at ease, aligned, and inspired as you grow your business.

Stay Stellar acknowledges the pervasive nature of white supremacy, engages in anti-racist education as a team, allows for open conflict and discomfort as pathways to anti-racist progress, take time to magnify Black and POC voices (especially in the creative, coaching, and mental health fields), invests a portion of our budget to the Black community, and remains committed (not to perfection) but to the longterm process of becoming an anti-racist organization. 

We are passionate about empowering business owners and other copywriters to thrive in their lives and businesses and believe SEO-fueled writing is our surest way of doing just that.

If you’d like to learn more you can email Nicole with any questions. ([email protected])



I don’t say this jokingly, but I actually cried happy tears when I read the FIRST draft of the copy! She was able to capture my brand’s voice and tell my story better than I could have ever imagined.

-Karisa Perrone
Velvet & Slate

“Amazing. Super professional, personable, and able to get a good understanding of your business and what content you are trying to put out.

-Jennifer Hansen
Metta Yoga 

“Nicole helped me improve my website traffic without sacrificing my goals.

-Matthew Collins
Private Chef