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Attract clients you'd love to work with even when you're not working. (And check out our limited-time SEO packages below!)


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Copy That Attracts The Right Clients

 Our writing process creates website copy that attracts the people you can’t wait to work with using searcher intent data and client market research.

SEO Marketing That Helps You Show Up Online

The SEO VIP Day helps you show up in search results when your clients are looking for services like yours by setting up your SEO marketing foundation and a sustainable plan to keep it growing. 

Imagine attracting clients you’d love to work with, even when you’re not working.

Imagine showing up in searches without spending a ton on ads.

Imagine making a simple change to your marketing that supercharges your results.


It’s possible with Stay Stellar.

How We Help

 Petite SEO Packages 

Just getting started with SEO? Start Here.

Limited Time Offer! 

If you want the full impact of SEO in your marketing plan so you can show up more often online, go with the VIP Day (below).

Not sure where to start with SEO?

Not quite ready for a VIP Day?

No worries.

These packages can help you celebrate some quick wins as you get comfier with planning content that shows up in Google searches .

Choose from the following small-but-mighty SEO packages.

Personalized Keyword Lists (Starting at $450)

Problem: You’re posting and praying. Hoping what you create will help you show up for clients on Google and beyond.

Solution: A set of keywords backed by research that you can build content around or infuse into the content you already have. Done and done.

Details: This keyword set includes 5 detailed keyword lists related to your business, industry, favorite content topics, and the work you do for clients.

Custom Title Tags + Meta Descriptions (Starting at $450)

Problem: You don’t feel in control of how your site shows up on a search results page. And when you search yourself the results look strange, thrown together, or sloppy.

Solution: Tell search engines exactly what to say about a page when it shows up on a results page.

Details: This set includes up to 5 click-worthy, SEO-fueled titles and descriptions that appear when your page shows up in Google results. (Plus directions on how to use these SEO must-haves on your site.)

The Mini Website Audit

Starting at $475

Problem: You took the time to write content and make your site visually stellar. But there’s nothing but crickets on your beautiful website. And you can’t figure out why.

Solution: A quick win for those who are just dipping their toes into SEO. Understand some of the things that are holding your site back from attracting clients and showing up in searches. (And get the steps you need to fix them.)

Details: The mini audit includes a list of the top 3 problems to fix on your site right now. It also includes the steps you need to take to  boost your chances of getting found online.

(Note:  For a full audit that covers over 50 areas of website optimization (from your backend to your copy), all the changes you need to make to boost your online searchability, and ideas on creating sustainable marketing that attracts clients’ and Google’s attention, check out the SEO VIP Day!)

Want it all?

Go With The Total Package 

Get all 3 petite packages for $1,300!

Click here to book your package.

Starting at $450

The Search Results Supercharger VIP Day

 Stop Being The Best Kept Secret. Show Up Online.

No expensive courses. No costly monthly agency retainer. 
Just what you need when you need it.

Your VIP Day will help you turn your beautiful site into a VISIBLE one so you show up in more of the right searches, attract more perfect-fit clients, establish your expertise, and supercharge the impact of every piece of content you create so they work harder for you than ever before.

-If you’ve been creating lots of content and not seeing the results you want
-If you have a stunning portfolio or site with little to no website traffic to show for it
-If you want to supercharge your marketing plan so you can spend less time writing and more time on things you love

This is the perfect place to start. 

VIP Days give you:

  • The need-to-know searchability foundation that can help you confidently create marketing content that’s fueled by data and drives results
  • A set of data-driven copy assets you can use whenever you write, including keywords hand-selected to  attract the right clients every time
  • A collection of key resources to help you beat the blank-screen blues whenever you create content for your business
  • A Visibility Scorecard detailing your website’s current search situation and how to make changes that shift how you show up in search results
  • A personalized game plan that takes you step-by-step through the changes you need to make to reach more right-fit clients and sustainably show up online.

Learn more here.

Or, if you’re already in, you can:

Apply here.

**There are only 4 VIP Days dates available each month.** 

This ensures everyone we work with gets the personalized attention they deserve and every project is the perfect fit for our process and the data-driven, connection-focused results we deliver. 


Website Copy Packages

Your website copy should be more than shiny words on a page:

It needs to help you show up more often online. 

It needs to connect with clients and move them through the process of investing in your services.

And it needs to be informed by data and client insight to do those things.

That’s why our website copy package include:

SEO Optimized Copy that will help your search result standing grow over time

One Round of Revisions to get everything just right

Content formatted for easy implementation and structured to connect and convert

A Custom SEO Keyword Database including searcher-intent keywords and competitor research keywords that you can pull from whenever you write

A Client Market Research Form And Accompanying Email so we can use your own clients’ insights to write copy that speaks to people just like them


The Investment
Packages start at $1,500 for a set of 3 website pages (Typically: Home, About, + Services Pages) 

To Find Out If We’re A Good Fit, click here.

Current Availability

Because our website copy projects go beyond writing (to include client market research and SEO research) we only take on 1-2 per month.

September: 1 Website Project Spot Remaining

October: 2 Project Spots Remaining

November: 1 Project Spot Remaining

Custom Projects

Looking for something a little different?

If my schedule allows I take on 1-3 custom projects each quarter including Landing pages and sales pages, larger website projects, blog post sets, and podcast show notes sets.

To learn more email [email protected] .

Starting at $1500

“I have tried so many times to come up with a fun and detailed story of Mark and I while intertwining the perfect amount of our restaurant’s story. I was worried that our story/personalities would be hard to translate into writing.

You did such a fantastic job of bringing us to life through words! The outside perspective and analysis you were able to give were exactly what we needed!”

-Amanda Cupo
Owner, Operator
Twisted Tree Cafe
Asbury Park, New Jersey

 Our Portfolio

From SEO Audits and brand stories to full website copy projects and quarterly blog content, we love collaborating with stellar business owners.

The Stay Stellar Approach

You want to grow your business.
And at Stay Stellar we know copy and SEO are the combination you need to make that happen.
So, we focus on three main parts of your business copy:

  • Empathy:  Connection-creating copy comes from an understanding of your clients, their needs, and how you help them reach their goals. We use research (Client + SEO) to infuse empathic understanding into every page of copy we write.
  • Consistency: When you use SEO, you don’t have to “always be on” because your copy keeps things consistent for you. Our VIP Days and Website Copy Packages ensure that your copy works hard for you, consistently, even when you’re not working. 
  •  Purpose: We believe you supercharge your impact on the world when you worry less about writing your copy and content. So we make sure you can do just that.

Have a Question About Working With Us?

Here are some of the most common questions we get about our services

How do I get started? What's the process like?

VIP Days

You can find all the details on the VIP Day here.

Done For You Copywriting

The first step in our process is to complete this form
 If we’re a good fit, w
e’ll gather some key information and discuss next steps.

Then you’ll  complete some onboarding documents (your proposal approval, contract, and deposit).

After your deposit is paid we’ll deliver your client research form and email so you can start that process. We’ll also schedule a Content Call where we’ll get all the details we need to write the copy pieces from your contract.

Then we’ll get to work writing, deliver your draft (once your invoice balance is paid), get your feedback, and we’ll deliver your final draft.

Please note: The project minimum for Done-For-You Copy Projects is currently $2,100. 

What if I want changes to the draft you send me?

Unless otherwise specified each writing service we offer includes one (1) round of revisions.

That way, we get your copy just the way you like it.

How long does the process take?

VIP Days

These are one day sessions with deliverables provided within 24-48 hours of your VIP Day.

Done For You Copy

Depending on the length of time you want to use for client research, you could have your copy in as little as 1-3 weeks. 
If you want a longer client research period we can schedule your copy delivery for a month or two out as well.


Do I need to have a website to have you begin the "Done For You" copywriting process?

You don’t need to have a website before we start working together. 

We deliver everything we create for you via Google Docs and you and your team take it from there.

Do you build websites, social media management, or create visuals?

 We’re writers, planners, strategists, and researchers. 
So, we leave the web and graphic design to the professionals.

If you need a professional in those fields, we’re happy to recommend a few of our favorites when we connect. 

Still have questions?
Email [email protected] to get in touch!